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About Aam

"At a certain point, I'd given up on pants entirely. I lived in stretchy leggings and dresses, because nothing else accommodated my hips."

Growing up with a pear-shaped body, Founder Neha always struggled to find clothes - especially trousers - that fit. Pants that fit her fuller hips and thighs would gape at the waist, and vice versa. As she spoke to more women, she realized that this is not a unique issue - 1 in 4 American women have a "curvy bottom" shape and struggle to find pants that fit.

Aam is a brand for them.

Aam makes luxurious wardrobe staples for women with full hips & thighs. We launched in 2022 with a signature line of trousers that sit snug at the waist with a comfortable fit through the seat. Since then, we've been featured on Forbes, Stylecaster and Brown Girl Mag for our quality and fit.

As a brand, we focus on:

1. Exceptional Fit: Our pants have a modified waist-to-hip ratio, crotch, seat and thigh pattern, all designed for full hips and thighs. Almost every piece has stretch.

2. Quality: We work with extremely high quality materials and experienced production partners. These are investment pieces that are designed to last. Each pant is independently quality checked.

3. Ethics: We work only with sustainable fabrics and factories that have been third-party certified for ethical working conditions. 

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