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Hand made hand painted ceramics and mosaic lamps and candle holders made in Turkey. Also a beautifully designed womens fashion glove & muffler lineRead story

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About Access by Mediterranean Concepts

Several years ago while sourcing textiles in Turkey we discovered and fell in love with the Turkish time honored crafts.
We found their hand made and hand painted ceramics dated back over 600 years. We knew we had to bring these wonderous works back to share with our customers. It all started with a small 5cm bowl for what we refered to it as "our rings and things accessory bowl". Now we are proud to bring this expanded truely special works of art into the every day lives of our store owners and their customers. We import our ceramics directly from Turkey and from the best factories. All the hand painting is done within the homes of the painters. We only import lead free and food safe finished ceramics.
Mosaic Art is also a time honered craft found in Turkey and throughout the Mediterranean region. We are also very proud to present beautifully hand crafted and unique lamps, chandeliers and candle holders to our store owners. Each individual piece of glass is cut and placed by hand. The lamps are rich in color and pattern and create distinct and stunning lighting.
Turkey is steeped in history and art and we invite you to experience a piece of if it thru our artisans talents &traditions in the products we bring to share with you.

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Virginia Leach

Virginia Leach

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