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Anne Skoch

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About Anne Cate

Anne Cate is a Made in America accessories brand and manufacturer specializing in skyline silhouette purses and other simplistic accessories. Founded in 2016, the Anne Cate skyline collection, which now features over 100 hand-designed skylines, animates your adventures of cities around the world. At Anne Cate, we strive to craft simplistic accessories of high quality and value that hold meaning to each customer.

All products are completely handmade in small batches at our manufacturing studio in Cleveland, Ohio. Each product is created using ethically sourced, high-quality materials, produced by employees earning a livable wage. Quality and community are most important to us.

Places impact people - places we visit, places we leave, and places to which we come home. To our customers, our products are more than just a purse or a pillow; they tell a story, a story that is unique to each person.

Anne Cate is proud to be woman-owned and WBENC certified.

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Managed by

Anne Skoch

Anne Skoch

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