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About anomalie

Anomalie Shop was established in 2013 with a literal and metaphorical light bulb. A desire to create something beautiful and a passion to share that beauty with others. I began my creative journey watching my father and siblings pursue their passions in the creative world.....that in combination with wanting to use healthier products, that also felt luxurious and were pretty at the end of the day, led me to the creation of my Organic Lotion Candles. These are anomalie's signature product. These candles are my own invention and recipe and are made from the cleanest ingredients available, and fragranced with high grade essential oils.....only.

My business partner is my father, Randy. I've watch my dad, me entire life, be able to build anything, breathe new life into vintage items and produce the most high quality woodworking I have ever seen. He makes anomalie's other signature products.......our portable beer and wine tables. These are an amazing addition to any outdoorsman's cache and are very versatile.

At first glance, it may seem that woodworking and organic beauty does not fit together. However, the sustainability, raw beauty and care of production makes our products not only synergistic in ideal but also in their warm and lovely aesthetic.

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