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About Arcana Babe

Arcana Babe aims to help you align with your higher self through daily practices and care. Our mission is to inspire, heal, and uplift Babes to recognize ourselves as whole, loved, and worthy.

We believe that when you build self-knowledge and centeredness, you gain the courage and confidence to achieve anything you set your mind to. And then you bring your positive energy into the world, sharing it with others.

Working with the power of intention, perspective, and Mother Nature’s divine crystals, Arcana Babe combines age-old beliefs with a streamlined, modern design aesthetic. We’re creating beautiful products that will help you create a sanctuary out of your home and build the life you deserve.

Arcana Babe is a women and black-owned business dedicated to creating ethical products and building a more equitable world.

I’m Akosua, the founder and owner of Arcana Babe. My work is motivated by the amazing Babes who inspire me in my life: incredible women who work hard, care for others, and love this world. I wanted each of those women to see themselves the way that I saw them, as divine, complete individuals.

Arcana Babe grew from there. With each product, I hope to provide Babes everywhere with affirmations of their worth. I consider everything I make as a gesture of love to those who need it. So welcome to my store – you are warmly appreciated here.


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