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About ArrowStrap

Arrow Strap is a “Hi-Tech” UV resistant & scratch resistant Strap with 23 Circular holes that allows the length and strength to be adjusted depending on use, while delivering 80-100% expandability. Then, combine it with the Arrow for the Ultimate utilization. Can accommodate temperatures from -40 to 250F, allowing you to take it from freezer to oven. While only weighing 1 ounce (1 strap + 1 arrow)
You need to experience it for yourself! Available in 8 popular colors including fun “Glow-N-Dark” and “Camo”.
This is a Multi-functional strap with unlimited uses: If you need it to be shorter, then just cut to desired length. If you need more strength, then double or even triple them up. Perfect for use by whole family. When life demands organization, look no further. Carry one in your purse for those trips to the Grocery Store or just keep a couple in the glove box. Use the Straps for securing items, camping trips, boating, ATV’s, biking, hiking or organizing items around your home or business.
We’re confident that once you try the ArrowStrap you will never want to be without one.


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