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Sakshi Mehrotra

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About Bit of Meraki

I first discovered India's age-old traditional diverse crafts when I worked with a social enterprise in Delhi, India. It’s then when I really understood what goes behind making a handmade product - the love, the effort, the time, and the passing down of unique craftsmanship through generations.

MERAKI means “doing something with soul, creativity, and love.”

Bit of Meraki was founded with exactly that purpose in mind - To do what I truly loved. Working in the rural villages, & help elevate the standard of living for marginalized communities in India & Africa through fair wages, better opportunities & working conditions has been my passion for a long time.

We bring you chic, conscious, and handmade home decor that speaks about the diverse cultures & that is good for the environment.

We also believe that every human being should have access to clean water and so with every purchase, we contribute to ‘Charity:Water’, a non-profit that helps dig fresh water wells in rural Africa.


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Managed by

Sakshi Mehrotra

Sakshi Mehrotra

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