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Handcrafted Talisman Jewelry Inspired By Ancient Lore. Mindfully Made For Free Spirits & Bohemian SoulsRead story

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About Blackbird & Sage Designs

"Blackbird & Sage Designs is made to celebrate all that you are, all that you do, & all that you love most about yourself. When you wear a piece of Blackbird & Sage jewelry, I want you to feel beautiful, confident, & empowered in your authenticity."

Blackbird & Sage Designs is a raw collection of handcrafted talisman & energy jewelry of mixed metals, minerals, stones and crystals, with a focus in electroformed copper. Made especially for free spirits, artists, yogis & bohemian souls of all's mindful & intentional jewelry inspired by the Ancients. All pieces are created by me, Marie Tengren-Knight.

Blackbird & Sage Designs was founded in 2016 & is based in Santa Fe, NM. It is a brand created for empowered, strong, independent & free spirited women who live unapologetically in their authenticity & are drawn to adorn themselves with jewelry that best reflect & guide their true, raw & wild highest Self.


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Managed by

Marie Tengren-Knight

Marie Tengren-Knight

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