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About Blinking Owl Acres

In search of a deeper connection to the land, and to a sense of purpose in this world, Shelly moved her family out to the woods to homestead. She began paying closer attention to the fluctuations of energy, resources, and relationships that create harmony or discord in the land. As she attuned her senses to the natural world, she realized how responsible stewardship of the land is akin to responsible stewardship of one’s body – it’s simply a different scale.

This led her to revise her understanding of natural and healthy products as those that respect the nature and health of our personal ecosystems. She began formulating natural cosmetics and skin care products based on these principles. Blinking Owl Acres products are the manifestation of this understanding. The brand is named in honor of the homestead. The land has been her greatest teacher.

Blinking Owl Acres makeup and skincare collections are holistic because they are made to honor and protect the integrity of every individual’s unique skin ecosystem. We choose clean ingredients that support the microbiome and do not irritate or clog pores. We avoid preservatives and surfactants that could disrupt the skin's protective barrier. Our packaging is reusable, recyclable, or compostable, and our ingredients are always sourced with great care and intention.

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Managed by

Shelly Belinko

Shelly Belinko

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