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About Buffalo Girls Salvage®

Hello, I'm so glad you stopped by!
The Buffalo Girls Salvage® story began in 2012, while I was a stay at home mom, to two boys. As a Military Veteran, I have always loved a great adventure, but I never could have imagined that God would allow this company of mine, to become so fulfilling and so far reaching. My jewelry designs come from my love for inspiring and uplifting women. As a Cancer Survivor, I especially love that I am able to create keepsakes for women in the midst of their battle.
I also have a deep love and respect for our law enforcement across this great land of ours, so I am thrilled to say that 100% of the spent bullet casings used in our bullet jewelry, have been recycled from Law Enforcement Officers and Federal Agents.
I sure hope that you will consider becoming part of the Buffalo Girls Family of Retailers - we would love to have you!
Love, Ginger

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Ginger Lyons

Ginger Lyons

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