Amazing Ground Coffee & Coffee Additives. Our Flavors include Chocolate Donut, Cinnamon Bun & even Birthday Cake! No added sugars & Gluten Free!Read story

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Abbey Scott

Abbey Scott

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I fell in love with coffee in high school. It's my longest relationship to date.
Coffee has always been there for me - on the roughest mornings and on the latest nights. Then, coffee kind of got basic and really expensive... but seriously, without 3 pumps of vanilla, cream, & 3 sweeteners, it didn't even taste good! After 10 years together, I had to put my foot down.

The solution: a coffee meant for messy-bun, yoga-pant-wearing millennials with a little attitude and a little kick! Coffee Over Cardio® (because if I have to choose only one way to increase my heart rate...) was made for alllll the boss babes focused on self-growth, business & booty growth.

We all deserve a quality cup of coffee.

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Managed by

Abbey Scott

Abbey Scott

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