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Copper Kettle Bakery griddles and ships Welsh Cakes, Welsh Cake mixes and preserves. A Welsh Cake is a cross between a scone, biscuit and pancake. Read story

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About Copper Kettle Bakery

I grew up in South Wales, where early morning weekends were spent in the kitchen. My mum Eileen and grandmother Irene were kneading dough for bread and warming the griddle for our morning Welsh Cakes. I loved to help them cut the circles of dough. Even today, the smell of allspice and cinnamon takes me back to the warmth of that kitchen filled with love.

My mother used to take me to a café in our village that served tea, Welsh Cakes, and sweet breads. They filled every teapot with boiling water straight out of their giant "copper" kettle. As a child, I told my mum: “One day, I am going to open a bakery and call it the Copper Kettle Bakery.” We always dreamed we would do it together but living 3,000 miles away from each other made it impossible.

My mum passed away in June of 2013 and shortly thereafter I was laid off, I then found myself craving the taste of Welsh Cakes. I began griddling them every morning for my sons, Miles and Noah. Then I began griddling them for neighbors and friends. As the requests grew, I realized that I had found my calling. In the fall of 2013, I made it official, opening Copper Kettle Bakery. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.


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Helen Coates

Helen Coates

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