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About Cottage Lane Kitchen

We are a woman owned company with generational ties to Chapel Hill, NC and a genetic and deep love of spicy pepper relish.
Cottage Lane Kitchen isn't just a business, but a special home where four generations of relish makers have cooked and preserved spicy peppers out of love and tradition.
The last batch of my family's spicy pepper relish was made by my Grandfather in the early 1990s. My father rationed those bottles as gifts to me through the years and by 2010, there were only a few unopened bottles remaining. Those treasures tied me to my family's lineage of relish-makers.
With 30 local, state and national awards, we have proven these heirloom recipe relishes still delight tastebuds.
And in 2020, we are proud to announce our latest gourmet product, Hissy Fit Hot Sauce - a tantrum of cayenne peppers with smooth smokey heat for balance.
We at Cottage Lane Kitchen are proud of the lineage of our recipes; our homestead; the quality of the ingredients used in our products and the bold flavors we continue to preserve. We are devoted to our family legacy and our wish to share these products with our community and beyond.
Thank you for sharing our family heirlooms with your customers.

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Samantha Swan

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