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About Duck Duck Books

A duckling learns to walk on the land and swim through the water by being immersed in both from birth. Your little duckling is the same, whether it’s language, culture, or anything new. Duck Duck Books is here to make early learning memorable and impactful, the way it’s supposed to be.

Ages 0-5 — also known as Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)—are the most important developmental stage for complex tasks like learning a new language, and cultivate skills to achieve higher emotional intelligence (EQ). This is why Duck Duck Books is focused on creating multilingual board books representing multicultural values, with themes around emotional intelligence and early social skills.

Each of our books and products is made with love by creators of color, so we can do our part to lift up unique voices, support our BIPOC communities, and leave the planet better than we found it for our young readers.

We see a country of growing diversity, from immigrants to mixed race families, where bilingual children of multiple cultures are able to grow from birth knowing that there are others just like them in the board books that they read and the world that they see.

We see a world with more young families making eco-conscious decisions and living eco-friendly lifestyles, fundamentally reducing the environmental impact of child consumerism.

Duck Duck Books is a MWBE certified publisher of multilingual board books for children. We equip parents with sustainable products that inspire a diverse worldview, cultivate emotional intelligence, and introduce language learning for their little ones.


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