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About elephant mom

Genessis D´Camero founded her company Elephant Mom with the firm belief that fashion its comfort. When I started in 2018, my idea was to create beautiful pieces that could be sold in stores where I liked to buy, says D ́Camero. But then I thought why not offer comfort, luxury and style by adding a special tool that is, items that take care of your baby while we care for the environment.

That's how this whole story began.

Elephant Mom has implemented unique and organic designs for the care of the most appreciated by everyone, babies and our beautiful planet.

The name of this store, elephant mom, we give prominence to elephant mother, which they are considered the best mothers in the animal kingdom. They'll do anything to protect their babies, even if they grow up.

This is what we think when we create each item, to protect and care for our little ones by using the best quality and organic clothing that takes care of their delicate skin. We always make sure to use the best materials created to stimulate them every day.

We are pleased to welcome you to the world and take care of you.


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