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We have long believed it is the little things that truly make a house a home. A cozy throw pillow, a favorite mug and the perfect scented soy candle creates the cozy ambiance that says "I'm HOME".Farm Kitchen Candle Co. began as In The Farm Kitchen in 2012, specializing in farmhouse style home decor, vintage and antiques. We spent many years purchasing soy candles from other makers, never finding quite the combination of style, fragrance and quality we desired. Seeing a gap in the market (and forever being crafty, DIY types!) decided to try our hand at making our own. We brought our vision to life and fell in love with creating luxury, eco-friendly, top quality 100% soy wax candles. Our candles are made using 100% soy wax derived from American-grown soy beans. Our soy wax creates clean burning candles that are free of toxins, carcinogens, petroleum + pollutants. We use lead-free, zinc-free cotton braided wicks that have been primed with vegetable based wax for an eco-friendly, clean burn. Our candles are made using only premium grade fragrances + essential oils. We promise to never use additives, phthalates, dyes, or preservatives. We believe that candles are one of life's little luxuries that should be celebrated and enjoyed every day!Farm Kitchen Candle Co. is located in Brownsville, Oregon and is a true small family business owned and operated by husband & wife team Kay and Marco Franciosa.


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Kay Franciosa

Kay Franciosa

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