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About Ginably

My name is Gina Su and I am the owner and artist behind the brand. I started Ginably because I needed an artistic outlet while working in a very non-artistic field (Mechanical Engineering!). Back in 2011, I started operating Ginably out of my college dorm room. At that time, my name was "Artsy Pastel" because I was creating art prints from my old pastel artwork. Pastel is a very messy medium and as you can imagine, not great for inside a dorm room. Slowly I began to dabble in watercolor which is most of the work you see today. What initially started as a hobby, blossomed into something much more around the time of 2015. I decided to make Ginably a real business and began exploring new product lines. Now it's become even bigger than I could have ever imagined.

The name Ginably stems from "imaginably" meaning conceivable in the imagination. In this case, Ginably is an extension of my imagination. My hope is to bring approachable, feminine pieces to your home.

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Managed by

Gina Su

Gina Su

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