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Hot Crispy Oil

#TheCondimentKiller great for pizza , pasta , bread , eggs , vegetables , meats and much more ! Read story

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john trimble

john trimble

About Hot Crispy Oil

It was March 2020 when COVID-19 shook the world. A 43 year old family restaurant in Upstate New York closed it's doors for what seemed at that time to only be temporarily.

Fast forward a couple months and this closure was becoming more apparent to be permanent in nature and thus Hot Crispy Oil was born. What started as a recipe for friends and family created in a shuttered kitchen, began taking on a life of it's own. From a passion to a thriving business.

In a short few months the growth was exponential on a daily basis. We began hiring fellow people in the restaurant industry laid off from COVID-19. We grew from local, to regional, to national and are now laying the groundwork for global distribution.

The only thing that hasn't changed is the time, quality and love that that we put into the product. Small batch, hand-made from the best ingredients on the market. This is our comittment now and forever.

Let us share the love of Hot Crispy Oil with you, your friends and your family!


Made in USA


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Managed by

john trimble

john trimble

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