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About Jessica Santander

Jessica Santander is a handmade jewelry business based out of Tampa, FL, with a mission to inspire modern-day women to be the change they aspire to be in today's world.

Grounded on an inspirational bond between Jessica and Delhy, a mother and daughter, best-friend duo, the love for vivacious fashion and self-actualization fostered a lifelong passion of creating something impactful of their own. This childhood dream has led our brand to not only imprint our mark within the jewelry market but to also transform the journey of our dream clients.

With designs evoking a sense of delicacy, femininity, and purpose, our brand provides a renewed sense of optimism, fresh perspective, and community, while also doing good for our environment with our eco-friendly packaging.

Behind each of our hand-made pieces, you'll find an encouraging story grounded on self-love to continuously evolve with you, your journey, and goals- because jewelry is not supposed to only look pretty but also express your ever growing self.

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Managed by

Jessica Santander

Jessica Santander

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