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Amy McDowell

Amy McDowell

About JungleVine® Products

We work with indigenous Khmu artisans in Laos. They harvest stems from a wild-growing perennial vine, strip the pulp from the fibers within, and then hand-spin the fibers. They use the spun fiber to create tote bags, purses, and exfoliation products. JungleVine® Products are made in the homes and villages of the Khmu, where the production of these 100% sustainable and eco-friendly items help them sustain their tribal culture. Our products never see the inside of a factory. The artisans collaborate to decide on standard pricing and we pay them what they ask.

JungleVine® Fiber comes from a plant called Pueraria phaseoloides. It is a perennial and when the artisans harvest stems, they leave the crown intact, as it regrows rapidly. The vine can easily grow 30 to even 45 feet in 30 days. The fiber from this vine is far more eco-friendly than organic cotton and even better than hemp, as it does not require any agricultural inputs; no mechanical planting or harvesting, and no fertilizer or irrigation.

We have worked with the Khmu for 17 years. The financial impact of JungleVine® Product sales within the artisan villages is remarkable, and more villages are eager to make items. Our products are currently sold in 350 boutiques in 25 countries and territories. We fulfill orders from a warehouse in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S.A. The nonprofit JungleVine Foundation's mission is to connect remote isolated tribal communities with the global market by promoting their natural fiber handicrafts.




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Managed by

Amy McDowell

Amy McDowell

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