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Jupiter Gear adheres to the concept that everyone is an athlete, and it influences everything that we do. Our vision is to break the barriers that limit you, encourage you to have a positive self-image, and empower you to believe that you already are an athlete. We do this by supplying you with the fitness gear you need to become an athlete – your way – whether it’s a fanny pack for walking around the block, a mat for your yoga session, or a jump rope for your next workout.

By offering extraordinary fitness products with unwavering standards and an athlete’s eye, we are driven to make you feel inspired every single day. We are striving to do our part in changing your beliefs about yourself. Our calendars are marked by yoga practices and Spartan races. The rest of the time we’re encouraging someone to do squats for five minutes a day or take the stairs at work. We create equipment we love to use ourselves, and we design clothing we wear almost every day.

Whether you are just starting out or you have been working out for some time, we believe in you. Much more than a store selling workout gear, we see ourselves as an ally along your fitness journey. We’re here to prepare you for your immediate health goals as well as the bigger ones down the road. Thoughtfully developed to deliver on every level, we’re bridging public health awareness with fitness by creating products that accelerate your progression.

This means small, gradual actions. Consistency. Patience. Most of all, positive thinking. Our hope is that our fitness gear has a place in all your weekend warrior adventures as well as your quiet moments of self-reflection. So, think bigger and achieve more. Get motivated to become your best self; don’t accept excuses, only results.

We’ll gear you up along the way!

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