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A paper-lovin', puppy-cuddlin' geek girl and her dog on a mission to bring happiness to your mailbox.Read story

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Kayla Hutchinson

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About Lucky Dog Design Co.

Kayla Hutchinson is a graphic designer and paper nerd based in Atlanta, GA. Mixing her love for amazing paper with bright and colorful moments, you'll find that Lucky Dog cards stand out and just feel right.
Kayla has been a graphic designer for almost a decade, but has been a major crafter and maker since the age of 2. She finally melded the two in 2017 to form Lucky Dog with her mail-loving pup, Odin.
At Lucky Dog, we get excited for mail time, geek over quality paper and relish a good pun. Our cards are 5x7" folded and printed on thick, felt-textured cardstock. They always have a fun-colored envelope and are blank on the inside so that you can craft the perfect message to the recipient.
To request a free sample sent to you, visit If you need your cards shipped sooner than 8-15 days, please message me, and we can make it work!


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Managed by

Kayla Hutchinson

Kayla Hutchinson

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