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MONA BRANDS offers all-natural, hypoallergenic, toxin-free, made-in-USA, safe and effective Deodorant for Kids, Women, & Men. Check out our Cosmetic & Beauty products that are made with purest ingredients from Mother Nature (MONA) and formulated by our own Founder (a Doctor) to address your unmet needs. Recipient of "Best Deodorant Product of The Year 2019" and "Parent Tested Parent Approved" Seal of Approval Featured In "Cosmoprof North America 2019, Discover Green" and "KTLA5 TV Live Show" About Us: We are a Massachusetts based company that introduces new natural and herbal products for daily skin and body care and provide novel solutions for some of the unmet needs. When we develop a new product, our focus is at only one pinpoint: You, the user. We bring new and novel natural products that are effective, safe to use, cosmetically elegant, and cost-effective. We take holistic approach in making all-natural formula utilizing Mother Nature’s innovation.


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Pinaki R. Majhi, Ph.D.

Pinaki R. Majhi, Ph.D.

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