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DIY Sequin Crafts with Endless Design Possibilities! Read story

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About Pix Perfect

Some say it's a craft, and some say it's a toy. Either way, watching the little sequin pixels shimmer will fill your heart with glee.

Pix Perfect is a woman-owned business designed with a clear objective: to offer fun crafts that many ages and skill levels can enjoy. The STEM-Authenticated Pixel Art Kits are loved because they encourage open-ended creative, hands-on-play with simple counting and problem solving. They also encourage inclusive play; appealing to boys & girls, and children with special needs. And, completing a sparkly masterpiece strengthens artistic skills and builds confidence.

Pix Perfect™ debuted at the North American Intn'l Toy Fair in 2019 and became the proud winner of “Best of Toy Fair 2019” by Parent Tested, Parent Approved™. The Deluxe Pixel Art Kit also won "Best in STEM 2021" as featured in Newsweek magazine Nov. 2020.

The line expanded late 2020 with DIY Bracelet Kits and have become and instant hit with the gift-giving, add-on retail segment.

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Managed by

Lisa Keyworth

Lisa Keyworth

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