1) Who here has successfully landed a product deal with reps as a direct result of Replogic? 2) what are your recommendations/tips/words-of--wisdom after going through the process?

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As a Rep I have found this platform as a great tool for finding new products to rep. We have tripled the sales volumes and customer accounts for several companies and have others in various stages of national accounts. That being said, I did not get a huge amount of inquiries from reps when I listed a product of our own.... I find that the more unique, the more it already fits into their product lines, the better the response.

Is it really better to pay for the premium package in order to get discovered on replogic?

Igor Zeljic

Chair Nest

Our team has picked up 3 new programs/lines through Replogic over the last year and they are still clients today. We’ve also referred several others to reps we work with that aren’t the right fit for us.

We have only actively reached out to a brand once as it was a direct fit for the categories we work in. All other clients we’ve found here were them reaching out to us for help.

I have landed a product deal with two independent sales reps and one rep group on Replogic so far. They have also connected me with other sales reps that they've worked with in the past that fit with my line. I've only been a member for one week now. It's been an exciting process so far! My advice is to set up your profile and upgrade your account. Adding more info about your line and 25 products have been whats made the difference so far. I hope that this helps!!

For those that are looking for tips on how to attract rep interest on the platform, here's an article on messaging that may help: https://intercom.help/replogic/working-with-reps/communicating-with-reps/best-practices-when-sending-outreach-messages-to-reps . The bottom line is the reps on this platform aren't Replogic employees, and most will only work with brands that have high-potential, retail-ready products. As such, the quality of a brand's product, product profile and communications with reps is a critical determinant of success. It's a challenging journey, and our platform is designed to make the journey more efficient and more enjoyable. We wish you all great success!

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