Any guidance on best practices when signing up with a new independent sales rep?

Any advice for all the details we should remember when getting started with a new rep, i.e. agreement, sales kit, territory management, trade show attendance, etc.

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Communicate as if they are your own employee with the attitude to provide positive information to help them. What is discouraging is to receive correspondence asking what have you done for me lately. It takes time to introduce a new product to existing customers and positive correspondence helps remind you of the opportunity and desire to give it a try

Great advice, thanks!

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More communication is better than less. Email is best. What tools are you continually providing that will enhance our pitch for your products? Catalogs, sell sheets, quarterly promos, pre-packs, and sales contests all can be effective motivators. I'm not a fan of monthly promos unless they are communicated in advance... by the end of one month, my schedule is pretty set for the next month so I may not have time to present a monthly promo to the best prospects.

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