Any tips for expanding brand reach on social media without using expensive social influencers?

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Hello Chris, My recommend is not to spend at the start. Here are the platforms, which you have start with. Google Manufacturing center, Google My Business, Google Search Console, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Fancy. My recommendation to work with some advisor initially if you want to understand these platforms better, rather than spending on influencer. Brand building take time and your foundation should be strong.

Bhawna Sharma


Personally, I don't use any influencers and i'm not so sure they help much. I've found more success from websites like dudeIwantthat and cost the same if not less than influencers. Some influencers simply post items and delete the post too after a week. And even if they have 10,000 followers id' recommend looking at the actual comment engagement not just likes. If they get a lot of comments that is more likely a good influencer if you choose to go down that path.

Travis P

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