Are there any natural/organic/eco-friendly makers here?

Would love to connect & support!

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Yes! I own a wellness brand and all of our products are all-natural, organic, vegan products and 99% of our packaging is sustainably made, recycled or reusable.

Kamarie Fernandes

Common Ground Wellness

Love it! Your stuff looks amazing! Just followed you on IG.

Bex Bucci

Happy Little Flame

Followed back! Thanks! Love your aesthetic as well :) Your products are beautiful.

Kamarie Fernandes

Common Ground Wellness

Eco-friendly is an oft claimed term and kind of varies on the perspective/purity test of the person asking for it. We make wooden home, kitchen, and lifestyle items however we source entirely from domestic urban yard lumber. The wood is only harvested if it was felled due to winds, lightning, or disease so we don't add to commercial wood consumption and saves wonderful domestic lumbers from being tossed in the landfill or burnt.

We are Wild Cherry Spoon Co. and you can find us at www.wildcherryspoonco.com

Tim McGuire

Wild Cherry Spoon Co

I agree. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you're doing. What a positive impact!

Bex Bucci

Happy Little Flame

Hello! Yes, we make an eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning units. We even use cellulose free filters that are biodegradable.



This is incredible!

Bex Bucci

Happy Little Flame

Hi Bex! Our company work with small artisans in Bali, Java and other Indonesian provinces creating natural handwoven bags, hats, baskets and fashion accessories. We mostly work with female artisans who work from the comfort of their home while nurturing their family. Each pieces are designed in La Jolla, and made in Bali. View our collections here: www.brunna.co - Happy to connect! xo, Helga Ida Ayu

We do our best!

Leann Campas


Wow, your products look amazing! Following you on IG!

Bex Bucci

Happy Little Flame

Does eco-friendly include recycled? If so, nearly all of our products come under this heading. We purpose glass items into functional yet decorative bird feeders and accessories.

Terrie Merritt

Ozarklake Copper Garden Art

Hi Bex,
We are all of the above! Definitely excited to check out your brand!

Anna Barrett


Our business integrate sustainable thinking into every aspect of the operations from management to marketing and sales.

We are truly committed to create not only a green product but a green local brand as well, we are currently monitoring and managing a wide range of elements including solid and hazardous waste, water and energy conservation, pollution prevention, and recycling in all our production chain.

Sustainability first.
Our vegan artisan pesto sauces are made with the best clean sustainable ingredient farmed, using earth friendly, organic practices, allowing us to offer the freshest Pesto sauce in the market, completely free of nuts, preservatives and additives.

It’s a great pleasure and an inspiration to see many other sustainable makers!

Jelianny Soliman

Semilla Nativa

We have a variety of eco-friendly products to eliminate plastic waste in your household and daily routine. We also donate 10% profits to Ocean Conservation!

Yes, I own a small batch skincare company focused on sustainability!

Britt Sanders

Spruce + Bee

Yes! I own a natural oral care company that sells Bamboo Toothbrushes, Toothpaste Tablets etc.

Ross Dacres

Fresc Oral Care

Hey there, I am founder of Kalilo - a slow fashion brand focused on timeless designs handmade from high quality natural fibers like: Cashmere, Bamboo, Silk to name some.

Hi! I'm new to Abound, just saw your post. Yes, I try to create products with minimal waste packaging. I also focus on quality, not quantity as I fabricate all of my products to order, or in small batches. :)

Your products look lovely!

I make Bath & Body products. EST. 2004

Norma McElroy

Norma's Bath & Body

Yes! Bella candle factory use Vegan soy wax and natural fragrance oils! - toxic free products!

Victoria Ratner

Bella Candle Factory

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