Are there any outdoor apparel reps for local retailers?

We are looking for an outdoor apparel rep for a company called The Wanderheart Project. We encourage the world to unplug from technology and focus on being present more often in life. We donate $1.00 to families of a child in the hospital with a congenital heart defect. Thank you!

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Good afternoon Dylan.

In answer to your question there are more Sporting Goods reps on Abound than any other category. 100% sure the reps are here that can place anything related to sports and outdoors. However...

I went to your website (very nice), watched your promo video (good quality) and read through several of the pages. I personally agree with your message to "unplug" and "be present". You guys obviously have a heart to help folks - but that doesn't make you a clothing brand.

The question I have for you is "What is your value proposition for the retailer to offer your goods?" As a rep of 30-years, I don't see the advantage or opportunity for a retailer to sell your product. The apparel you are offering is some of the most competitive categories on the planet, you have no brand recognition and your pricing isn't competitive.

If a retail chain (or store) gets involved in a charity there has to be some outside (national) recognition which you don't seem to have.

Respectfully, when you say you'll donate $1 on a $59 shirt it's more of a turn-off than something that gets me to want to do business with you. As a rep, I know what clothing margins are and $1 seems like the least you can give. I believe this part of your marketing needs to be re-thought and re-worked 100% with someone who understands retail placement. First thought was "Tom's will give a free pair of shoes 1-to-1 and these guys are $1?!?" (Mark 12:41-44)

There seem to be mixed messages between "unplug" and "help a child with a CHD" - charities that work focus on a single subject and ride it hard.

Before you look for a rep, you need to consult with an expert in apparel and determine if you really have a value proposition (something unique) for the market that a rep can help you with.

There's a program here on Abound called QuickInsights that can connect you with someone who will save you lots of wasted time and money. Get a pro (in outdoor apparel) to consult on your offering and maybe you can pivit what you have into something that will achieve your goals.

Otherwise the reps you contact here will ignore you based upon the same observations I've listed.

All the best,

John Clark

Thanks for your insight John. I respect your input and will put it to thought.

However, I don't think it was right for you to bring in that Bible verse when you in fact don't know anything about our story, who we give to, why we give, and how much we are able to give.

In regards to the ask of what is proprietary, it's our mission--exactly why you related to the need to unplug and be present. People relate to our brand and our designs. Our customers see a shirt they relate to and buy it. They don't care if the price is $25 like all the other shirts. They care that we are doing something about a massive problem in our society. On top of that, were trying to help children with CHD's get unplugged from the hospital. Educating the world on responsible technology use and getting children unplugged from the hospital isn't proprietary to you?

Wanderheart has been highly accepted by some of the biggest names in retail, and at one of the biggest shows in outdoor retail. I will take your criticism constructively and move forward as always. Again, thank you for voicing your opinion.

God Bless,


Dylan Banagis

The Wanderheart Project

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