Are there qualifying factors for getting into stores? A checklist?

I ask because there is a checklist of requirements for business funding, for example. What do reps and stores look for?

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Hopefully some reps offer perspective on this as well, but check out this article we posted regarding the retail process: https://medium.com/@replogic/10-secrets-for-getting-your-product-into-retail-9bb0fcf8475b

Thank you, Bill!


Kache Beauty

Excellent article Bill Shope.

May I also suggest you make sure you have all your systems set up ahead of time. Those systems would include:
1. Pricing System
2. Payment Terms and Requirements
3. Sales and Order Taking
4. Delivery and/or Shipping Systems
5. Fulfillment Center
6. Record-Keeping Systems
7. Follow Up Systems
If you need help with setting up these systems, you can get a free copy of my Quick Start Guide which explains in greater detail by signing up to my newsletter here: http://sellingtogiftshops.com/subscribe-to-eletter-lists/

Good luck!

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