Are third party resellers of Barcodes a common thing?

I purchased barcodes from a third party reseller. Is there a way to test barcodes UPC numbers for authenticity?

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Good morning April,

Third party UPC services sell codes from a block they purchased long ago. Normally the first 5 digits of a UPC are the manufacturer's identification number and the second 5 the item number. When you use a third party service they sell you a particular code much cheaper than going to GS1 to register as a company but the 5 digit manufacturer's ID number will be registered with GS1 to a dead company.

If you are looking to get your product into retail stores please keep in mind that if a buyer or manufacturer's rep looks up your barcode they will see it registered to a defunct company that doesn't manufacture products. In other words, using a third party might damage your reputation so be careful.

Chain store buyers know that companies who get their goods into retail stores have the resources to purchase their UPC's from GS1. Don't be penny-wise and dollar foolish.

Wishing you good fortune,

John T Clark

Awesome advice thank you! I will go right to GS1 NOW!! :)

April Clark

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