At what point does adding a UPC barcode to packaging become necessary?

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Hi Desiree,

Short answer: Add barcoding as soon as your buyers require it for their stores.

Longer answer: If you plan to sell to chain stores, big box stores, or distributors, I would add the bar code on your labels immediately! If this is not your buyers, wait until they ask for the code on the label. Some stores will use their own barcodes, so they may not need you to add your own. A UPC code can always be added as a separate label later if needed.


Sandy, thank you for your detailed reply. We appreciate that info!


Yourlixir Superfoods

Appreciate Sandy's response. I sell to multiple outlet chains, so it is required immediately. All of my clients have them in place already, so I have never had to advise the to put them on their packaging

John Neving

Thank you for the response, John!


Yourlixir Superfoods

I was asked by a retailer with a chain of stores 2 years ago but financially wasn't ready to spend the $3000 needed (I have over 100 product SKUs) but was approached yesterday again by another chain of stores so now I think I am ready. Seems like a daunting task of organization I shall gear up for today. I will circle back to the original store and see if they still have interest after I complete it.

Bethany Priess

Outdoorable Kids

I suppose it's a good problem to have but completely understand how daunting it can seem with that many SKU's! We have recently been picked up by chain retailers who also require this, so from here on out all of our packaging will have the barcodes printed to prevent any additional work on our part in the future. :)


Yourlixir Superfoods

I used to sell to tons of gift shops all over the US. but none of them I had to put barcodes on my soaps. but a local gift shop an hour away had bar codes on them. all the best!

Norma McElroy

Norma's Bath & Body

Good to know, thank you for sharing your experience, Norma!


Yourlixir Superfoods

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