Best order taking software

Right now I use Pepperi to take orders when we go to trade shows, visit customers or customer visit us in our showroom. Our sales team has Surfaces which we all have the Pepperi app downloaded on to use. Pepperi informed me they are moving away from the desktop app and will only have them on android and apple products. I need to find a new app that my team can use on surfaces to take orders. I have over 3000 items that I will need to download the items and photos in along with downloading my customers. Any advise would be great.

thank you

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I highly recommend the company, Brandwise. We've been using this brand for 10+ years. It is the most reliable in my business channel, great support team, and a commission module. There are others to also explore: Aleran, RepZio, RepTime and Handshake.

We use Reptime. Much less costly than Brandwise and very good and simple to use.

Brandwise is probably the widest in use. However, for ease of use in the field I prefer RepZio. The iPad version of RepZio is far more robust than Brandwise.

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