How important is offering a display for sales reps to present to their clientele for a product line? Are they more likely to buy into my product line if I offer a free display? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Offering displays & prepacks are extremely important.
1. You control the visual presentation of the product.
2. A 1-YES prepack sale of best sellers is much easier for a sale rep than spending time selecting individual skus.
3. You buy real estate in the store. When the display is low, it alerts the retailer to reorder.

As a buyer you want to see, touch, inspect and compare any product you purchase. If it's construction equipment you want a demo on the jobsite, if it's a car you want to see it and drive it, if it's a grocery item you want to ensure its not opened or damaged & the date code is correct as well as not dented or spoiled, or if its any other item you want to know all the aspects of its features and benefits to you. As a manufacturer or producer why would it be any different with your reps. The old axe "you can't sell from an empty wagon" applies here. Sure reps will sell some quantity from catalog pictures but most of us carry multiple lines and most of our times will be spent on lines that have demos, samples or displays or something to help buyers complete transactions with ease. Why make it hard for your reps. If your company is cheap your not going to grow and you deserve the mediocrity of status quo. Get over it - help your reps help you. Take no exception. Displays, samples, demo units, visuals, handouts and leave behinds. Don't be stupid Mr Principal just do it.

I think it is quite important as most retailers have less staff on the floor and a good display will act as a grabber and bring the customer to the product

Thank you for your feedback! I totally agree with what you had to say.

Absolutely make it as easy as possible for your rep. I sell knitting needles, etc. when putting a sales package together I send samples of my needles with work in progress on them so potential customers can sit and knit on them. Hands on is always better. Just the way I operate. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸงถโœŒ๐Ÿป

Alexis Mantione

My Two Ladies

Especially important with a new or unfamiliar product. The retailer simply doesn't have the time to learn a presentation and certainly not the time to talk to every single customer who comes in the door. The display catches the customer's eye and makes the presentation.

We are in the process of designing new packaging and corresponding displays for precisely this reason!

Leann Campas


Your question brings up two issues, in my opinion:

1. Should you offer displays for your products?
2. Should you offer those displays to your sales reps?

Question #1 was answered beautifully by those who have already responded. Displays give you real estate in a store, display your products favorably, and generally help increase sales.

Question #2 would depend on the rep. If you have a rep who runs a showroom, by all means, ship/deliver them your filled display unit. If you have a road rep, they may not have room for a display in their vehicle or in their office (depending on the size of the display). I suggest you ask your rep(s) what would work best for them.

Good luck!

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