Do you ever send sample products out to Social Media Influencers? If so how effective has that been?

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We have done it once and it was a major flop! She did an instagram "ungifting" story, but she got several details about our brand wrong in the story and it did not lead to ONE additional follower for us. We may have tapped the wrong influencer, so I'm not willing to say it's bad in general, but for now we have decided not to focused on that aspect of marketing.

That’s too bad Vanessa, but thanks for the insight! I’m sure it might be an OK idea if you find the right person but focusing on other forms of marketing is probably best.

Definitely! We build relationships with people we think would be good ambassadors for our brand. Once we know they understand our story and are clearly interested in trying our products, then we send them product. Almost every influencer we have sent product to has resulted in more business for us. And if it hasn't resulted in sales, it resulted in social growth.

Kamarie Fernandes

Common Ground Wellness

Good insight, I appreciate you sharing!

We have select chef influencers we work with. We do a lot of homework on them before we work with them and when we do we do our utmost to make it really special...i.e. we create custom products engraved with their logo and then offer it on our site for their fans. Primarily we work with twitch shows but we've considered branching out and sponsoring others.

Tim McGuire

Wild Cherry Spoon Co

I’m excited to do some research and try this, thanks!

Sending out samples may work for some. others it does not.

Norma McElroy

Norma's Bath & Body

It can be a great resource, inasmuch as it is free for you. Plus, it can build buzz and momentum for your brand. It's worth a try.

Nathan Townsie

Nature Loves You Skincare

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