Do you use influencers to market your brand?

If so, how is your experience with working with influencers and how did you find them for your brand?

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We have done it once and it was a major flop! She did an instagram "ungifting" story, but she got several details about our brand wrong in the story and it did not lead to ONE additional follower for us. We may have tapped the wrong influencer, so I'm not willing to say it's bad in general, but for now we have decided not to focused on that aspect of marketing.

Yes! We love our influencers! But we also do a decent amount of work making sure they are a good fit for our brand and then cultivating a relationship with them. We have found that the more connected we are to each influencer, the more they will want to share our brand.

Kamarie Fernandes

Common Ground Wellness

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