don't really have the funds to get my products out there what do i do?

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Hi Michelangelo.

There are probably many ways to respond, but let me throw out a mixed bag for you. Some may be obvious, others a bit odd :)

I'm not sure if you mean funding in order to connect to the market or funding to produce your roses, but here are some general things:

1) Be patient. If you are committed to what you are doing, it will likely take years. Step by step, day by day, we build beautiful things over time.

2) Consider bootstrapping. Read others online who are doing so. Check out Seth Godin's Bootstrapper's Workshop. https://thebootstrappersworkshop.com

3) Consider crowdfunding.

4) Get super specific about your market, your demographics or psychographics and just start contacting retail and distribution matches that align by email and in person. That's free!

John Knauss

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