We are building our new brand and would love some feedback on our new Instagram pics

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Nate -

Good afternoon.

I think you are doing a good job with your Instagram. My suggestion would be to create some branding guidelines and stick to them closer - especially if you want big retail placement someday. Some of your photos, graphics and setups are 10/10 - some are < 5 (i.e. ingredient benefit graphics not good). I would post less and stick with your best quality stuff avoiding some of the common meme sharing and graphics that looked rushed.

Your website is stellar. I love the category and color branding with "Calm, Energy, Joy, etc" - maybe this should be a big part of Instagram?

I've not researched your product however if you TRULY have a unique value proposition for the market then please reach out to me - I'm currently looking for a bath products line to place in 1,000+ stores starting Q3 2019.

All the best,

John T Clark

Hi John,

Thank you so much for the thorough and well thought out response! We totally agree with you. The older pics on Instagram are when we tried outsourcing our social media to a service provider and we were not pleased, it is obvious they did not understand our brand or the market. The new pics you like are all produced in house. Growing pains.

We would love to talk further with you. Can you message us here on Abound, or fell free to contact directly at:

[email protected]
[email protected]
cell: 801-358-6215

Alder Family

Fuze Body

I sent an email Nate - look forward to connecting!

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