We are Greener Solutions, the exclusive distributor of Biofeed fertilizers for North America. We have a line of advanced liquid biotech products that solve a variety of issues associated with turf and landscape. Biofeed products are based on over 30 years of field research and development. We are the first to take it to the retail market. These nontoxic solutions are formulated to condition and build healthier soil, while they supply nutrients in a plant available form. This means that fewer nutrients are wasted with NO HARMFUL IMPACT ON OUR ENVIRONMENT.
Biofeed products focus on the long range needs of turf grasses and soils. The result is a vibrant, balanced, natural environment where beneficial bacteria can flourish. Our extensive research and manufacturing capabilities ensures that our customers receive a dynamic and consistent line of products for managing quality landscapes.
We also have an extensive Wholesale line for Agriculture, Aquaculture, Environmental Remediation, ect…
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