GS1 Prefix and GTINs

So we are growing at a faster pace than expected and are taking a step back to address things that we hadn't expected this soon. Revamped logo, custom packaging for most products, GS1 prefix etc. Where we are torn is with the number of GTINs we should purchase. 100 will take care of our current line and give us an extra 20 or so to play with, but withing a few months I'm sure we will need more. We chose to build this business out of pocket rather than seek out cofounders or VCs, so we aren't exactly working with a 6-7 figure budget. Do we spend the $750 for 100 now and buy another prefix as things grow, or do we suck it up, pull the trigger and drop $2500 for 1000 now?

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Buy 100. You can re-use UPCs if you retire an item as long as you clear your customers' shelves before you reuse and the basic info (dimension/weight) are the same.

Lane Mitchell

Café Femenino Coffee

According to GS1, upcs can no longer be reused for another product

Leann Campas


Ah yes, that happened this year. Thankfully we have a slew of SKUs deactivated before 1.1.19!

Lane Mitchell

Café Femenino Coffee

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