Harmful Microwave Radiation in our Cell Phones?

Question: If you had a completely natural product, that when applied to cell phones(and other)drastically reduces that harmful microwave radiation by over 90 percent, and can prove it with a Geiger counter (before/after) - and sell it for as little as .99 cent and make money....would you wonder when this sentence was going to get a period? Or would you be very intrigued? We've done 5 years of trenches. Ready for national now...then international.

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First of all - nice write-up. I was curious about that period....funny stuff.

(respectfully) Your website REALLY REALLY looks like you are selling snake oil. ANY respectable rep who sees your website will flee from you in the other direction. Your graphics are misshapen and the photos are horrible! Your packaging looks like it's from the 80's too. Time for a serious update! All of your marketing is PAINFUL to view!

The product itself could not inspire less confidence. Looks like those free address labels my mother used to get in the mail and then throw away.

I see what seems to be an 8-pack of a similar product on Amazon selling for $7.09 with Prime so $.88 cents each.

You say you've done "5-years of trenches" but it appears so have 1,000 other people on Aliexpress who will deliver these to me at .20 cents each. (

What is your value proposition for the market? What makes you different from anyone else selling this product... besides your clear ability to write witty prose?

Warm regards,

John Clark

our process does not mimick the negative ion thing our competitors are banking on. and yes you are right about almost all you pointed out. I inherited this from the owner, -in a way - and it is getting a serious update now. I don't really give a shit about web sites, unless hey are landing pages ready for a sale, no one visits them, you should know this, - they are for reference only. Bottom line my product/process works remarkably well and geiger counters don't lie. You know how it goes - gotta start somewhere. I've got the working credible PROVABLE product. I believe in this particular industry that is gold, cause no one else is ready to do that. Thanks John Clark for taking the time to check everything out to make such astute observations. I got a lot of work, but these "Safer Cell Phone" stickers are a no brainer. I never run out of my BoiForce processing technology.

kind regards,

Guy E. Partin

Safer Cell Phone by BioForce

A Geiger Counter detects ionizing radiation and cell phone radiation is non-ionizing radiation. Thus, Geiger Counters do not detect cell phone radiation.

Eric A. Zerwas


yes it does. we are not based on the same technologies competitors using.
Geiger counters detect RADIATION. putting the words cell phone in front does not change the end result. .

Guy E. Partin

Safer Cell Phone by BioForce

so you are saying cell phones are now emitting ionizing radiation, not non-ionizing radiation? Please supply a link that supports your hypothesis.

Eric A. Zerwas


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