Has anyone had success with Reps contacting them from Repologic? We've been on here for sometime and not one contact yet.

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Douglas- Thanks for asking that. I'm sure you'll want to hear from another brand, but we've had just under 16,000 rep/brand conversations on the messaging platform since we launched in 2017. The vast majority of the conversations, however, were started by the brand. This is why we introduced the RepMail concept. With that said, RepMail is most appropriate for retail-ready brands, as I discussed in the recent post comparing QuickInsights and RepMail: https://replogic.com/posts/how-should-i-think-about-quickinsights-consulting-versus-repmail. Earlier stage brands should find more success on the community board and with QuickInsights until they are retail-ready, since the reps are less likely to engage early-stage or pioneer brands via messaging.

Thx Bill - we've been in business since 2012 and not an early stage business even though we are an Indie Brand. Im not sure what rep mail is in your explanation. We would like a few Indie reps in USA as well as Europe. Europe we would prefer to have an import distributor discussion.


L.A. Christine

Doug- that comment was meant for the entire user base. I leave it to you and the reps to determine if you’re retail-ready/early-stage. Thanks for participating in the discussion!

I've had one contact and that resulted in taking on a rep in the midwest.

Rick Ziesing

Red Oak Press

Doug what do you sell?

Thx - There doesn't seem to be any reps listed using the filters Beauty - Natural Skincare


L.A. Christine


I was just looking your item up on Amazon which I believe to be "LA Christine Berry Face Oil" which I found at this link : https://www.amazon.com/Christine-Berry-Face-Oil-All-Natural/dp/B075V735YZ

I looked at your website and saw your media exposure.

The item has only one review on Amazon and the velocity on the item is very poor. The price you have listed is $58 however from 5/18/18 until 8/22/18 you dropped the price to $39. Then on 8/3/18 until 9/3/18 you dropped it to $19.95. All along the way you are doing ads that aren't working.

As a rep who has placed thousands of products my conclusion from this data would be that you can't get the item to sell (at any price) even with purchasing media spots and spending money on Amazon to promote the item.

Therefore, there is no incentive for me to get involved in this at retail. If it's not working DTC on Amazon then there is no evidence it will earn me commissions at retail.

This is why you aren't being contacted.

All the best,

John T Clark

Thx for your input however the Amazon link is not us. We had an exclusive Amazon representative agreement who purchased a fair amount of inventory and what you have commented on is his work. Since he violated price agreements and volume commitments, he no longer has the exclusive for Amazon. His listing is the only Amazon placement at this time as I am sure he is trying to move his inventory. We are not big fans of Amazon due to brand control is difficult if others get involved. Case in point.

We are in specialty boutiques, our own site and direct response television. If you looked at our site you would have seen the videos on CBS The Talk, NBC Extra and other shows which all sold massive volumes DTC with zero returns.


L.A. Christine


If what you are saying about Amazon is the case you need to make a deal with him to buy back the inventory and take that listing down. It's like having uncomplimentary photos published in a tabloid - they can't be unprinted! ANY decent rep or buyer is going to do what I did, see the data and assume that the story you are telling them about DTC sales is false.

Do whatever is necessary to reclaim that Amazon listing ASAP.

All the best,


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