Has anyone used Faire to sell products to indy retailers?

They offer net 60 payment terms and pretty generous returns. Just wondering how that works in practice, and are reps involved?

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I had tried to get on the platform for a while and they responded that we did not have enough followers on IG. I have given up, becauee we are a niche company, so we may never have the metrics they want.. funny thing is we sell well on other sites and direct

Wayne T

Smax Wax

@Wayne, I would be curious what other sites have you found work well for you?

We sell on BillionVegans and VeganDandelion. We were on Etsy for a while, but we pulled out as we were competing against balms that are homemade in kitchens and ours is made in our USDA facility. We also sell a lot of private label through shelter and non-profit animal sites

Wayne T

Smax Wax

Hey Wayne, have you heard of Hubba.com? They have been going at it a few years and their wholesale marketplace has recently focused on specialty grocery and pharmacy. I wonder if you would have some success there?

David Sandusky

Idea Chíc


Not enough followers, huh? How many followers did you have at the time? Are they looking for over 10k followers? What metrics did they expect you to meet?


Nathan Townsie

Nature Loves You Skincare

Our product is on Faire and the actually pursued our company. They have great customer service and work real hard. They are constantly growing and making improvements. I have acquired about 6 wholesale accounts with them. They are small and so am I :) Trying to grow and need sales reps!

Julie Bartos


I sell on Faire: lianefriedstudio.faire.com
No reps are involved. Each "Maker"/seller is responsible for his or her own page on Faire. Customers are found by having us upload our customers to their data base. Faire, in turn offers huge credits on first orders from new retailers. That being said, I am also looking for some reps for my whimsical home decor gift items (I design, create and produce each item in my NJ studio). www.lianefriedstudio.com

Liane Fried

Liane Fried Studio

We have probably about 70 accounts through Faire. They do not use reps. Fees typically range in 15-25% (25%for first order a retailer places with you, 15 after that).

They utilize a program called Elevate that sellers upload their clients and leads to inviting them to Faire, saving them the legwork.

We've been very pleased with it as have our customers.

We also use a site called Tundra. Basically same concept but $0 fee per order unless you choose to add things on. Very strong sales as well.

We used to think we would go the rep route but are now not so sure. Both of these programs have gotten us accounts all over the US and a couple in Canada (Tundra only, Faire does just US).

Tim McGuire

Wild Cherry Spoon Co


Through these sites, are individuals/end-consumer buying single items, or is it truly a wholesale business buying a minimum number of items that they then sell?

Eric A. Zerwas


Hi. How quickly did you ramp up to 70 accounts? We've started to use Faire in states where we have no reps and got 10 stores pretty quickly, but the pace of new customers has slowed dramatically.

Rick Ziesing

Red Oak Press

We have a minimum order. Some stores do not but Faire does vet new buyers.

We have been on Faire about 11 months. Some months were slow (May-Jul, January) but most of them were consistently busy. Right now for example we received 13 new orders first two weeks of March and 2 reorders. A decent number of reorders overall as well, but not as well as I would have liked.

Tim McGuire

Wild Cherry Spoon Co


Hello, I had heard of Tundra as well and signed up a few days ago. Is there anything special you did (other than simply list) to get retailers to wholesale from you? Did you use LinkedIn, Instagram, etc to get the word out?


Nathan Townsie

Nature Loves You Skincare

We have been on Faire for a bit over a year and love it. Returns only work for brick and mortar, online, sub boxes don't have these terms. Returns are resold by Faire with what seems like a trial process offer to retailers. Sale is final for the manufacturer unless there are issues I suppose. It is very interesting model. The company is scrappy startup with many positive ongoing changes and amazing customer service. Everyone seems happy from where I sit. We have well over 100 new retailer relationships and healthy restocking/new item POs too.

David Sandusky

Idea Chíc

Wow. I just checked the answers here. These are all really thoughtful and informative comments. Thank you!!!!!

Alexa Murdoch

The Benjamin Group

I have been a maker on Faire for under 2 months and am blown away. I do thousands of dollars a week. My only challenge is, they are not integrated with ShipStation.

Melanie Avjean

Shell Creek Sellers

My company is fairly new. Faire reached out to me. Been on it appx 4 months and nothing. Before I signed on, I explained to the contact at Faire that my pricepoint was higher than most - its a bridge item. He said try it.. I did... and its not working for me at all.... I'm impressed with all of the success stories here. Is there a site that I should be looking into for bridge/luxury goods?

Annemarie Childs

a.Clara Boston

I just signed up to Faire and within less than 3 days got a couple of orders. Love it. Signing up for Hubba and Tundra, are there anymore such wholesale marketplaces I should sign up for?

Sara W


am also looking for more wholesale market places to sign up

Ivan ong

Keaworld LLC

I'm on Faire. When I was accepted I received an order with in a week. Now, I have 10 orders and 2 were reorders. I few have been large orders. I like them. I'm also on Stockabl and Hubba. I have yet to receive an order.

We've been faire for probably 6 months and we get at least an order a week sometimes more.... I really like the platform, its simple and easy to use. I would definitely recommend it.

Maritza Murray

Dirt Don’t Hurt

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