Hello guys, does anyone knows a Plumbing/toilet/ceramic tiles rep.

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There are plenty of plumbing reps here on Replogic already who would be able to place you at major retail BUT, as a rep of 30-years having placed thousands of items at retail, I took one look at your website and decided there is no way I would rep you.

Your website does not look professional, has scrolling problems, is confusing as to what you sell (plumbing products or flooring), uses bad fonts and has alignment problems. You use the same photo on all your pages. And that's what I saw in 3 minutes.

As a rep, NO WAY I would show your website to a chain buyer which means no way I'm representing you. If you don't fix at least your website you are going nowhere in retail placement. Because your website is so horrible as a rep I would also assume you are totally unprepared to do business with big chains like the ones you mentioned (i.e. Lowes). You need to be as sharp and clean as American Standard or Kohler - this is what a chain store expects to see.

I would suggest you find a manufacturer's rep with experience in placing plumbing fixtures at major retail and pay them to consult with you on a) if you really have anything the market wants (a value proposition) and b) what it would take for you to have a shot at retail.

The way you present now there is no way any major retail rep will be interested in your line.

Wishing you success,

John T Clark

Hello John, Thanks very much, I appreciate your comment and recommendation. Am working to get my website professionally done

Charles Anye

Roco Western USA

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