How Can an Indie Brand Prepare For Retail Placement?

We're an Indie brand just starting our journey into the retail space. We're now approaching stores and getting new orders. As we scale, we'd love to know how small brands take the leap from being too small to being the right size to manage retail placement. Anything from programs you use to keep you on track, what to tell co-packers, how to order the right amount without ordering too much and getting stuck with inventory, what is the sweet spot in how many items to keep in a line to be manageable, how to maintain quality, etc! Thank you so much in advance. Best, Antonella & Desiree

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Good afternoon Desiree & Antonella,

I spent a good deal of time today going through your website and all your product offerings. You guys are doing a fantastic job with this product line and I absolutely love the passion and energy you are bringing to the market.

Your website is great but your product descriptions and presentations are even better. Packaging is 10/10, very high perceived value, great job mixing your logo and fonts, super clean and very, very "today".

The travel sachets look like an excellent product expansion - if I had any suggestion about your packaging it would just be to make those sachets stand out more so consumers will take note of them.

Superior work on your Instagram page mixing the lifestyle photos, educational information that's valuable to your audience and your product offerings. Rarely do I see it done this week. #womenwhohustle

To answer your question here directly -

1) For now, get more saturation into smaller, independent retailers - keep the buzz going. As you add more small customers you'll be able to ramp your production accordingly.

2) When you feel you are ready, get a rep to help you with some regional placements or sales to natural product distributors. Think about 10-20 store chains. This will take you to the next level of operations/production.

3) As you are getting more comfortable with production consider approaching QVC, HSN or even the Canadian shopping channel. If they like your product they'll likely give you some time to prepare and produce it before the offering airs.

4) Once you are fulfilling orders at this level, with small chains, distributors or shopping channels then begin to think about national retail.

5) Use outside consultants/reps to help you with the operational questions. Paying a few hours of consulting will save you thousands in wasted energy you could be using to great fantastic new products! Plenty of tried and true folks available here through the QuickInsights program.

However, the bottom line to my advice is this - focus on being passionate about your product and make your strengths even stronger. You two continue to be excited about creating and the world will pay attention!

You ladies are doing so many things right that I feel you have a great shot at national success!

Wishing you continued good fortune,

John T Clark

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