How can I find a rep to introduce our clean beauty products to major retailers like Whole Food, Target and Ulta?

We craft bath & body products with non toxic ingredients and carry in small batches. We're looking to enter into major retailers like Whole foods, Target stores and Ulta in Northeast region. Will these stores accept small batches (even though we have a quick turnaround) or must be large quantities

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Good afternoon.

I went just now and looked through your website. I clicked on "Products" which listed for me 6 items that are all on sale.

I looked at your "Facial Spritzer" which was listed as $19.99 retail but on sale for $6.99. Then I found it on another retailers website for $19.99. So you are undercutting your own customers!

One of the first things any rep will look for is price control! If you aren't maintaining your price in the market on your website, on your customer's websites and on Amazon then your chances of long-term success at retail are slim to none.

I have no idea what your unique value proposition is for the market. What makes you different from everyone else? Is it price? Is it quality? The write-ups on your products are very generic - they could be for any company's products! The English that's used to write them has several mistakes and I can tell that it was written by a non-English speaking person!

Before a rep for Target, Alta or Whole Foods is going to communicate with you you'll have to do a much better job of communicating your unique value proposition for the market and what's in it for the rep!

Wishing you success,

John T Clark

Thanks John for your feedback. I'll definitely look into it.

Chi Ezeh


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