How can I make my product of Brazilian origin acceptable in American retail?


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Carlos - good afternoon.

Can you be more specific about your question? When you say "acceptable in American retail" do you mean your packaging, marketing, regulations/legalities? Acceptable in what way?



Good morning - John
First of all, thank you for returning.
If possible, check our product by site and social networks, it would be of utmost importance to us feedback on the overall context of the product.
The amounts accrued with the export plus local taxes, the product can arrive with a sale price between US $ 18.99 and US $ 20.99.
A highlight for our product that received the Muda Award as the most sustainable company in Brazil by CasaVogue.
Another detail we are working with all the repaginación of the site, as well as the other items for the English language.

Good morning Carlos,

I did look at your website yesterday, watched the videos and looked at your social media before I replied. I believe the item is marketable and has merit in the US market based upon 15-minutes of research.

I was previously involved with the sale of hundreds of thousands of Aqua Globes, an ASOTV hit item. In my opinion your product is an even better value, more stylish and has more staying power at retail.

You've already said you are reworking the website to be multi-lingual so that's great. Include Spanish as well - the item might have more play in Mexico and Central America than the US - who knows yet?

If I was going to represent you my concerns would be 1) do you have a US patent? 2) Do you have a US trademark? 3) Do you have the money to defend the patent? If you have a winning product but it is not legally protected you will get copied very quickly in the states.

If these concerns were alleviated then you need to think about more colors, sizes and styles. The US market is very heavily driven by consumer who want products that are unique to them - stuff their friends haven't seen. I would suggest you go to a US design firm and have them create some colors and patterns that are congruent with popular US demand.

For the US market the correct price point is $19.99. $20 is a magic button for US consumers.

You also need a more attractive retail package that translates to the consumer with a 3-second glance what makes you different from every other flower pot out there.

The QuickInsights program here in Abound has some great Garden/Outdoor reps who can give you superior advice before you even try to being marketing in the US for a very small investment. I see lots of great brands try to enter the market in ignorance and fall flat on their face. If you really want to get onto retail store shelves nationwide you're going to need some serious help - get it from the beginning of your journey!

Wishing you good fortune!

John T Clark

There is no problem in the eyes of the American public with products made in Brazil, especially your type of product. It's only China that is objectionable.

Be sure, however, that your labelling, instructions, etc. are written in good English. Make sure you have a good proofreader for all your materials. I do that, myself, as a sideline business.

Thanks for the feedback, George.
Our product here in Brazil always goes through a bank of consultants and trend speculators before being launched to the market for sale.
The same we will do in translation, as we are a small company, we can not go wrong in the details.
What advises me to start a sales test in the American market? Maybe Amazon online selling platforms. I have a great affinity with the state of California, where I would like to have my Warehouse.

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