How do I determine if my product is retail-ready? At what stage will reps work with me?

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Typically a retail-ready product has already had some success with online sales (often direct-to-consumer) that demonstrates the product has found a market fit. There are other elements such as EDI-prep, UPC/EAN compliance, insurance, etc that a good manufacturers' rep can prepare you for. As for whether a rep will work with you, that depends on the product and the commission outlook. If a product is likely to start generating sales in retail fairly quickly, then the rep will likely be ready to work with you on a commission basis right away (assuming capacity and category fit). If the product is earlier stage, then the rep will likely prefer to work on a consulting basis since commissions may be 12-18 months away. We also offer short-term, hourly consulting with top reps/experts through our QuickInsights program, and that can help you gain the insights you need right away.

Awesome! I will check out QuickInsights for sure.

Alexander Salazar

Verbier Beverages

Bill posted an excellent answer. But I would like to add that different reps take on a line at different stages. Typically, I work with producers who may have sold retail and are looking for coaching to help expand into wholesale. You can check out my resources at my website (including my 1-on-1 coaching) on my website/blog: http://sellingtogiftshops.com/

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Hi Alexander. My company, TDN, is a nationwide manufacturers rep firm. I'd be more than happy to have a call with you to discuss how we can help. I work with many manufacturers who are new to retail - part of my job is to help figure out if your line is ready for retail. If you'd like to have a call, please email me at [email protected]
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Donna Corson

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