How do I get my product into stores? I need help in making contacts with entities that I can share my product for examination to inspire interest.

Looking for idea support for my new product, the 'BrellaSavr' umbrella, I am a new company with a dynamite product...I have limited sales experience. I'm ready to roll-it-out!

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I spent a little time looking through your website and examining your product.

My first question is - do you have a patent on this item? If you don't and a major umbrella company sees it they can simply order one and copy it. If you do have a patent, why it is not clearly listed on your website?

I don't think this item would go at major retail but possibly in speciality retail chains or somewhere that expensive umbrellas are sold i.e. golf shops. However, IMO, your retail price should be $9.99 - $19.99 is too high. The perceived value of an umbrella is $10. Buying something for $20 to save a $10 item isn't a mass market idea. However if I've purchased a $75 golf umbrella then maybe I'll invest $10 to keep it safe. The wholesale should be no more than $5 and your cost has to be no more than $2.

You aren't ready to present to retail chains - you've yet to make yourself presentable. You need a website re-work, a demo video a great product package, sell sheets and advice from a manufacturer's rep (coach) who sells into speciality retail chains where an item like this might be in demand. Maybe someone who is already placing product at stores like Golf Galaxy?

However before I would go any further I would try and get some expert opinions about whether this item is viable for the marke or not.

To your success -

John T Clark

I agree that the device on it's own may not be viable. It is patent pending. The website will get a complete overhaul. People don't want to buy a device such as a BrellaSavr and figure out its application. I went ahead and putchased a high quality umbrella and attached the BrellaSavr. I even took it another step further by designing a two-settings brilliant led light in the handle. The led light can screw off the handle and a string could be attached. The umbrella can be used as a walking stick, a protection device...I have created a "BrellaSavr Brella" with many useful functions. My marketing strategy goes as follows; A POWERFUL LED LIGHT WITH AN ANTI-INVERSION UMBRELLA ATTACHED. Then it could be sold in the flashlight section.
I have a design piece arriving this Saturday and will take fresh photos of the whole package to revamp my website.
The umbrella, the BrellaSavr and led light costs $8.50 to manufacture. I was thinking that wholesale $19.95 and retails for $39.95 with batteries included. How does that sound?

David Mulford



In order to properly determine if there is a market for your item you need someone who really knows umbrellas. BUT you need to invest much more time in how you present yourself before you try and go to retail.

When you say "then it could be sold in the flashlight section" my first question would be "What evidence do you have that it's going to outsell other SKU's in the flashlight section?" This is the FIRST question a manufacturer's rep or department store buyer is going to ask themselves.

Amazon's choice for an umbrella is listed as "windproof" and sells for $23.95. You are saying $39.95 for a windproof umbrella with a detachable flashlight - not exciting. There are lightsaber umbrellas and umbrellas with LED flashlights built in on Amazon and I searched for 3 minutes. Don't forget that umbrellas (especially for women) are a fashion item so you making one style of umbrella is going to severely limit your audience.

Let me circle back to my first comment - you need to find a manufacturer's rep who has EXPERIENCE placing umbrellas at retail and PAY THEM to tell you whether you have a value proposition for the market or not.

Having placed thousands of products myself my quick reaction is you need a complete marketing re-vamp to make you look like an ASOTV style company, a professionally produced video and a stellar retail package. If you had these things and if you could sell at $9.95 you MIGHT have something. But you need to talk to a real umbrella guy.

God's speed,

John T Clark

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