How do you categorize functional art to marketing ?

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First let me say I just went through most of your website and I really like your product - 8/10. As a side note I love your architectural work - exceptional.

PLEASE pay for your subscription on Wix so that the "The site was designed with Wix..." comes off the top of your #1 piece of collateral material. The first question I had was "Why is someone who can do this type of art unable to pay $20 a month for web hosting?" It's like wearing a $1,000 dress with a $4.99 Wal-Mart watch. Turn the music off too - NO professional website will play music when you land.

Assuming I understand your question correctly...

(and I've not done a competition search)

If I were going to market this product I would go to the furniture (lighting) category. This looks like "high end" product that I would expect to see in stores like Z-Gallerie or Restoration Hardware. A couple of pieces on your website are perfect for Urban Outfitters.

If you have prepared yourself for the market meaning that you've got all your collateral material at the best level that you can afford (website, sell sheets, social media etc) then you could approach a rep who sells lighting to these higher end furniture stores.

However - you need a demo video or two that's been professionally produced and your social media is outdated. Your Instagram has photos of your dog (very cute) but inappropriate for what should be your #1 social media platform.

Should you contact a rep that COULD place you at one of the aforementioned stores he/she will do just what I did. They will see your website hosting isn't paid, see your Instagram page is personal/business and assume that you know very little about retail placement. In such case they are unlikely to respond because you are unlikely to make them any money and reps will not leverage their relationships for you free.

In order to save yourself A LOT of time and energy, locate a rep who has placed lighting like yours into your targeted retail chains and offer to pay them an hourly rate to assess the marketability of your item. As I mentioned earlier I've not done a competition search and someone may already be mass producing something similar.

All the best,

John T Clark

Hi John.
Thank you for the feed back , I appreciate it.
So first I have a premium membership with Wix, I do pay for it.
As for the pictures of my dog on Instagram, I think you looked a little too fast . I was giving my follower a preview as I am working on a dog lamp as notice.
I also follow quiet few designer, who put personal pictures once in a while to break the ice, so I assume it is a matter of opinion.
The issue that I have, is that I am the only one in the country to do what I do.
It can be bad, or good. So I have a hard time be place in a category. This is what I get: Is it ?
Functional Art ? Lighting design? Hand made product? Home Accent ?
Home decor ? Nobody seems to be able to place me. But I do well in all of them.
But thank you again for your reply.

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